Masterbatch is the synonym for color concentrates.

Masterbatch is a mixture of pigments or additives for almost every type of manufacturer in the Plastic Industry.
Masterbatch Concentrates are currently being purchased by the Synthetic Fibers, Extruded Film & Sheet, Vinyl Siding and other Building Products, Packaging, House ware and Custom Compounding Industries.

Color Concentrates, Liquid Colorants, Liquid Masterbatches or Pigment Pastes are also Masterbatches. Liquid Colors are found in Ink Jet Inks, Automotive Coatings, Wall Coverings, Floorings, Printing Inks and Industrial Coatings.
There are diverse manufacturer of pigment dispersions and color concentrates in the world, they all providing high loaded and fine dispersed Color and Additive Masterbatches to every industry that uses high concentrated colorants or additives.

Most of the Masterbatch colorants are being used today in the packaging industry, but there are many other applications. The Masterbatch producing companies formulate color concentrates with an excellent understanding of the customers process and industry to improve a product's characteristics like impact strength, flow and light stability in all polymers use in injection moulding, extrusion and blow moulding applications.
With a special color matching software, Masterbatch manufacturers produce color concentrates for plastics parts with the same custom color quality every day, all over the world, to color your life.